I am an educator, consultant, and occasional digital artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
An associate professor in technical communication at New Mexico Tech, I teach classes connected to visual communication, where I guide students to become comfortable with being creative, and to develop their own designs around simple guidelines. View CV
I am a visual communication consultant at plain visuals, LLC. I train instructors from industry and education to produce clear visual communication. This is so they fully engage learners, facilitate effective learning, and model the best visual communication practices for their students and trainees. I also strategize simple, clear visual solutions for instructional materials, presentations, brochures, and slideshows.
I like to create illustrations with basic shapes and colors. I find inspiration in dreams, myths, literature, and everyday shapes, sights, and sounds. I enjoy giving form to ideas and mental images, and watching them morph on the screen.
I am passionate about all things new and the natural world. People fascinate me. I love to laugh and Mediterranean food.
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